The Mind Battle

Let the battle commence!!


I Have Been A Bad Blogger seriously I have been a really bad blogger - a whole month since I wrote anything at all. Intentions were good but I just couldn't find the time or motivation to be-honest - what can I say accountability is a bitch.

The reasons why I’m Choosing to Eat healthy

Weight loss is hard work - some days really, really hard work. But there are so many benefits from eating healthily and getting some exercise in. I came across this on Pinterest and for such a small list its amazing the sacrifices you are making to your health by sitting round eating crap all day.... Continue Reading →

Image vs. reality

While weight can be quantified by a stepping on a scale, a person’s self-image is a more abstract thing. Our beliefs, past experiences, relationships, cultural context and behavior all play a part in how we think and feel about ourselves.

Who snuck in all the carbs??

Been a busy few days, and today I'm having a rare day off work sick. I never let myself get sick or should I say give in to being sick but today after dragging myself into work I was promptly dispatched back home. I can't blame them really, who wants to work with a germ... Continue Reading →

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